Best Romantic Vacations in Guatemala with Belize Beaches

panza verde romantic getaway with ViaveneturePanza Verde Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

Looking for a unique Honeymoon or romantic getaway? Are you a couple looking for something more from your travels? How about rich colourful local communities, markets and traditions? Lush rainforests and wildlife? Romantic Spanish colonial towns with unique gastronomy and beautiful crafts? If you want to spend special and memorable time together, Viaventure and Guatemala guarantee an exhilarating couples experience while if you need to find someone for romantic vacations you should try this site to find local nudes as well.

Enjoy stunning, spiritually uplifting natural sights such as volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan while staying in a five-star luxury hotel or visiting ancient Mayan ruins deep in the jungle at sunset. Guatemala is also popular for its Spanish colonial towns, strong living Maya culture, vast rainforests, unique Maya temple sites and its great selection of romantic hideaway hotels.

For romantic couples thinking about a trip to Guatemala, we also recommend ending the trip with a few days at the beach in Belize. Check out our recommendations at the end of this article.

casa palopo with Viaventure Central AmericaCasa Palopo (Relais Chateaux) Romantic Hideaway at Lake Atitlan

Best Activities in Guatemala for Couples

Guatemala boasts more historical and cultural attractions than almost any other Central American country. Thanks to its wonderful landscape ranges, the happening town of Antigua, active volcanoes, and stunning Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is a popular tourist destination for lovebirds looking for adventure, while if they want excitement in the bedroom as well, the use of things like equine dildos can be a great choice for this.

Let’s see a few things you can do in Guatemala to immerse yourself in the country’s rich cultural heritage and the best hotels to ensure a memorable and romantic stay.

Cultural Immersion

Guatemala is, for many, the cultural capital of the World. A deep indigenous Maya history means Guatemala has over 20 different languages still being used, every village in the highlands has a unique textile and local markets and craft cooperatives offer so many different ways for couples to engage with local people. Viaventure offers tours such as picking coffee with local coffee farmers, glamping with local communities in the jungle next to Temples, private Shaman ceremonies at Lake Atitlan, visit local markets deep, deep into the Highlands, street food tours and cooking classes aiming to resurrect ancient recipes and ingredients and going “behind the scenes” at local markets like Chichicastenango and Comalapa – and many, many more!

cultural immersion trips with ViaventureCultural Immersion Tours – Guatemalan Highlands – Maya Communities

Visiting the Volcanoes

With dozens of volcanoes – some still active – couples can pick from a number of amazing volcano hikes and even overnight camping trips. From the well known and moderate Pacaya Volcano (which we offer with a luxury romantic picnic) we also offer overnight treks to Acatenango Volcano from where you can see Fuego Volcano and even across to the tree volcanos at Lake Atitlan. For the very active we can offer trekking across the highlands and even to Central Americas highest volcano, Tajamulco. Whilst trekking you can sleep in style with our luxury mobile camp – BEYOND.

Exploring Antigua

When in romantic Antigua, do not miss the amazing La Merced Church and its courtyard as well as the preserved ruins of Santiago Cathedral. You must stop by the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, a pretty pink building that instantly captures your attention. For couples, Antigua offers so much romance! It’s Spanish architecture, cobblestone streets and grand monuments are all lit up at night, it is full of trendy cafes, romantic restaurants (Like Panza Verde) and beautiful places to stay. You can be active every day with a variety of cultural tours and travel experiences or merely mooch around and relax – the choice is yours.

Antigua main plaza with ViaventureAntigua’s main plaza is a great place to chill out and watch the world go by – Image Becky Harris

Chill out at Lake Atitlan

The Lake Atitlan is often described as the most beautiful lake in the world. Volcán Tolimán, Volcán Atitlán, and Volcán San Pedro surround its crystal clear water. With an impressive depth of 1000 feet, the Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in all of Central America.

The lake is a spiritual centre. It is home of the Maya god Maximon, many spiritual retreats and Yoga centres. Some couples may enjoy activities such as kayaking and hiking or more relaxing day trips to visit the local villages and markets or shopping for handmade crafts, paintings and jewellery. We can also arrange an authentic Mayan ceremony for you at the Sacred Caves to make your trip even more exciting and to bless your union.

Adventure to Maya Ruins of Tikal & Uaxactun

Tikal is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Guatemala. Situated in the eastern part of the country, the pre-Colombian archaeological site is huge. There is still a lot more to discover in the 100-square-mile city owing to the dense El Petén jungle that surrounds it. Nonetheless, the restored and excavated structures are incredibly beautiful. If you want to get further into the jungle and more off the beaten track we offer a unique program where you can visit and stay with the community at Uaxactun. You can both visit the local Maya temples and meet the local community who live in union with the rainforest here.

Unique Viaventure Glamping at Uaxactun & Explore the Temples at Night

Romantic Hotels & Accommodation in Guatemala for Couples

Las Cruces Boutique Hotel

If you are in Antigua, you will have a memorable time at the Las Cruces Boutique Hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city. The popular hotel is a great tourist spot with its luxurious interior and suites. Authentic silver pieces from the XVII century embellish the hotel’s classy suites. Guests can spend time in a relaxing sitting room and an appealing veranda to enjoy an amazing view of the volcanoes and the city.

Las Cruces Luxury Hotel with ViaventureLas Cruces Luxury Boutique Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

Casa Palopo

Casa Palopo is a Relais Chateaux property and one of our favourites – especially for romantic couples. The boutique hotel believes in providing personalized services to all its guests. With eco-friendly activities and fine dining, you will love the hotel’s brightly painted walls and exquisite furnishings. The décor submerges guests into Guatemala’s rich culture. Whether you rent individual rooms or the entire villa, get ready to enjoy the stunning sunset over the lake and volcanoes.

Beyond Limits

Viaventure’s very own Beyond limits aims to serve our guests with unconventional tourist experiences. Whether you want to enjoy our safari-style tented camps or an exciting trek through dense jungle to discover the Maya cities, you experience a journey that stays with you for your whole life. Browse our exciting featured trips to trek, camp, and enjoy sight-seeing on a whole different level. From accessing remote highlands to Belize’s Maya Mountains, there is so much you can do and support the local research and conversation projects.

Las Lagunas luxury hotel with ViaventureLas Lagunas is the perfect luxury hotel from where to explore the Maya World in Guatemala.

Las Lagunas Hotel

Las Lagunas is located on the shores of Lake Peten-Itza, close to the majestic Tikal and nestled in the heart of the Maya World, just 10 minutes away from the International Airport Mundo Maya. Couples can enjoy customized private tours to explore the beautiful 300-acre nature reserve. Unwind after a long day at the hotel’s exotic spa and indulge in local and international cuisine. The hotel boasts helipads and a state of the art museum.

Camp in Uaxactún

Visiting the stunning ruins of Guatemala is one thing. But sending the night alone at one is completely another. Why not camp at one of the longest-occupied Mayan cities, Uaxactún. Our premium-quality spacious tents, at the campsite close to the jungle-shrouded temples, provide ultimate comfort and safety. Upon arrival at Uaxactún, don’t go to sleep without discovering incredible nocturnal wildlife along jungle trails. From spooky insects to opossums and owls, you are likely to find quite a few surprises.

Gaze up at a sparkling blanket of stars as you sleep to wake up to a guided tour of the Uaxactún ruins. Enjoy traditional treats for lunch and explore the natural scenery and the local spices. The Uaxactún camping getaway combines cultural heritage, wildlife experiences, and archaeological sites to offer an intriguing adventure for all couples.

Mata Chica luxury hotel with ViaventureMata Chica is the perfect Romantic Beach Hideaway in Belize

Romantic Hotels in Belize for Couples

So after you have enjoyed your unique romantic trip for couples in Guatemala, we recommend that you then pop over the border into Belize and stay at the beach in one of these gorgeous and romantic hotels.

Matachica Resort

Mata Chica is a luxurious and adults-only beach resort which makes a fabulous destination for a romantic getaway. If you are celebrating a honeymoon or looking for some privacy on a romantic escape, you will love the courteous staff and the relaxed atmosphere of the technology-free resort. Yes, there is no Wi-Fi and no internet connection, so it’s a great spot for a luxurious digital detox. Whether you want to indulge in the resort’s high-end spa or relax around the pool, don’t forget to enjoy their award-winning cocktails and cuisine. Mata Chica is located on Ambergris Caye just a short boat ride from San Pedro airport.

Portofino Resort

Portofino is one of our favourite beach hotels in Belize. It offers gorgeous cabana-style accommodation surrounding a pool and right on the beach at a very reasonable price. The luxury resort offers a warm, friendly atmosphere where couples enjoy scenic views and. Guests can book fantastic diving, fishing, and snorkelling adventures from here. Enjoy fine dining at its best in their restaurant and create memorable memories here. Portofino is located on Ambergris Caye just a short boat ride from San Pedro airport.

victoria house infinity pool with viaventureVictoria House is a favourite with many couples vacationing in Belize – Ambergris Caye

Victoria House – Resort and Spa

Victoria House is a well-known luxury property located on the outskirts of San Pedro Town just a short golf buggy ride from San Pedro airport. The boutique resort is an unspoiled gem on a white-sand beach offering a variety of different accommodations from beautiful rooms up to multi-bedroom villas. The beautiful and private resort offers world-class accommodation, restaurant, bar, spa and dive shop.

Turtle Inn – The Family Coppola Hideaways

Turtle Inn by Francis Ford Coppola is situated in Placencia on the south coast of Belize – just a short land transfer from Placencia airport. It is the perfect hideaway for witnessing the most breathtaking sunsets and enjoying luxurious massages. All individually decorated rooms feature iPod docks and free WiFi. Couples will love the polite staff and stunning views of Placencia Beach and the Belize Barrier Reef.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these tips are a good start in helping you think about your next romantic escape to Guatemala and Belize. Do let us know if we can help you further with your future travels to Central America: info@viaventure.com.

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