Out of the Ordinary, Since 2001

Viaventure is a Destination Management Company (DMC) specializing in incentive travel & MICE to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras. We’ve been creating out-of-the-ordinary MICE and incentive travel programs since 2001, and are confident in our ability to create a highly rewarding and memorable incentive travel program for any size of incentive group and their trip to Central America.

Active Challenges

Across Central America we can design and operate a myriad of fun and active challenges that can help to build teams,  strengthen bonds between your staff and maybe even confront personal challenges as individuals and to work together to overcome them as a group. We love to work with you to innovate new activities that fit your company's brand and character as well as the aim of your particular incentive trip.

Amazing Access

When only the most unique and awe inspiring experiences will do for your MICE & Incentive group we can work with you to arrange special access and once in a lifetime activities giving your staff the best bragging rights. Dine beneath a candle-lit Maya temple in the middle of the jungle, picnic on a private island and have champagne served to you whilst you prepare to snorkel the reef,  breakfast with a renowned archaeologist at his home before having a guided tour of behind the scenes areas of a site. What else can we dream up and make happen for you?

Fabulous Festivals

Central America offers so many opportunities to build MICE and Incentive programs around a colorful festival. Key Festivals such as "Semana Santa" at Easter are huge, not to be missed week-long celebrations with huge processions and hand made carpets in the streets - especially in Guatemala. The 1st of November, "Day of the Dead" festival sees kites made as big as buildings, parties held in cemeteries and drunken horse races rage through small highland towns. Foodies will love the Lobster and Chocolate festivals in Belize. Culture vultures will enjoy the Carnivals and Garifuna Settlement day celebrations held across Central America. We also have men that fly around poles and traditional dancing with elaborate costumes and masks so as you can see there is plenty to choose from!

Giving Back

MICE & Incentive groups are often looking to "Give Something Back" whilst on a trip. Viaventure has a strong sense of social responsibility and has a foundation, strong links with development organisations across Central America. We are always keen to help groups incorporate some kind of volunteering and development work on a group trip. Groups can lend a hand to paint a school, build a house, support children's learning, plant a tree, work on conservation of Turtles, Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws and other endangered animals. We are always happy to help incentive groups make a difference during their stay.

Going Local

The beauty of travelling to Central America is just how easy it is to get involved and engaged with the local, authentic culture. People are friendly and love to introduce you their heritage, their traditions and their culture. Groups can pick coffee with local farmers and learn about the coffee process, have a go and hand weaving on a back strap loom, learn how jungle communities harvest chewing gum and how important the humble coconut and banana have been to communities across Central America for centuries.

High Flying

We like to make our MICE and Incentive groups feel special and "Fly High". That could mean anything from flying in private planes and helicopters over the famous Blue Hole or Maya temples in the jungle, climbing active Volcanoes that stretch into the sky, sipping sunset cocktails on lookout towers high above the jungle canopy or staying in the highest of luxury at stunning properties on the beach, in colonial cities among coffee farms or deep in the jungle.

Hot Properties

Central America offers a myriad of unique and fabulous accomodation which often act as destinations in themselves. There are elegant & luxurious colonial mansions, lakeside retreats with volcano views and beachfront resorts gazing at blue waters. We have glamping in the jungle, accommodation among coffee plantations and even nights aboard sailboats and catamarans. We aim to make every element of a trip as unique and tailored to your requirements as possible.

Seriously Relaxing

If relaxation is what you are after for part or all of a MICE or Incentive group trip to Central America then there is a lot to choose from. Classic beach stays with snorkeling, fishing and diving are aplenty in Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. Lakeside retreats with volcano or jungle views can be found in several countries and there are spas and wellness centers all over Central America offering world class treatments. Viaventure can also weave into your chill-out time some relaxing activities such as Shaman rituals, Yoga sessions and traditional local steam baths known as "termescals".

Spectacular Venues

Add that"Wow" factor to any MICE & Incentive group trip by having events and dinners hosted in Central America's finest venues. Host a gala in a 500-year-old colonial ruined Church or Monastery, hold a party in a National Palace, dine in style beneath a Maya temple in the middle of the jungle, picnic among coffee plantations with spectacular highland views or on a private island in the blue waters of the Caribbean, even have a street party with a local community. Almost anything is possible.

Unexpected Touches

It's all in the details. We can innovate fun, stylish and unique special touches to deliver to participants as they enjoy their journey. Creating smiles and lasting memories it is almost the smallest things that give the biggest impact and the longest lasting memories. They can be lavish and huge treats or simple and inspiring. We will get our thinking caps on and come up with some real delights.

World Class Adventures

All manner of amazing adventures can be incorporated into a MICE & Incentive groups trip to Central America. You can scale a smoke-spewing volcano, drive a Jeep deep into the jungle, snorkel or dive the second largest reef in the world, dust. fish for the grand slam, play golf on some world class courses, go on a treasure hunt through stunning Spanish colonial cities, pick coffee with local coffee farmers, ride mountain bikes along the best single track in the world, trek through the jungle to lost Maya temples and go surfing on top waves or even volcanic ash.

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