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viaventure guide moises valle

Meet our Guide, Moises Valle

Reflections from Viaventure Guide Moises Valle. Born in Antigua Guatemala, exactly 100 metres from the town’s idyllic Central Park, Moises Alejandro Valle García calls himself a true panza verde (green belly), the nickname for native Antigüeños given the abundance of…

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Update on 2021 Rates

Many of our clients around the world are hoping to get 2021 rates as soon as possible and where possible keep those rates the same. We shall be contacting all our clients with updates but as a quick way to see the situation we are keeping a list here of all the supplier’s rates we can confirm for 2021 and if they are the same as 2020 or if they have changed.

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It’s Antigua’s All Night Carpet Party!

Forget dying Easter eggs. Antigua Guatemala dyes its sawdust—and then uses it to make some of the coolest carpets…

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Festival Food – Easter Gastronomy in Guatemala

Food plays a big part in Antigua’s Semana Santa celebrations, particularly food made and sold by locals for…

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Plan now for Easter (Semana Santa) 2021 in Antigua, Guatemala

There are few places in the world that celebrate Easter quite like Guatemala’s colonial city of Antigua…

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