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Update on 2021 Rates

Many of our clients around the world are hoping to get 2021 rates as soon as possible and where possible keep those rates the same. We shall be contacting all our clients with updates but as a quick way to see the situation we are keeping a list here of all the supplier’s rates we can confirm for 2021 and if they are the same as 2020 or if they have changed.

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Viaventure Women

Women’s History Month When Viaventure was founded in 2001, its goal was to set new standards for sustainable, socially responsible, and memorable travel experiences in Central America. Its core values stressed a friendly, respectful and equality driven workplace. The company…

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Samuel Valle: A Guide With National Pride

While studying in the United States, Samuel Valle learned something that wasn’t in his textbooks, but the revelation changed his career.

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Breeze Through The Best Islands Of Central America

Sharing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the sun-splashed islands of Central America bring dreams to life.

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Churn up thrills with white-water rafting

For a heart-pounding, adrenaline-charged adventure, grab a paddle for white-water rafting down one of Central America’s …

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Swim With Sharks? No worries!

For a chance to swim with the biggest fish in the world, head to the turquoise waters of Belize or Honduras.

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