VIP archaeological experience

Located in western Honduras, Copán ranks as one of the finest archaeological sites of the Mayan world. What better way to see it than with the expert who spent years unearthing its secrets? Your Copán immersion experience will be led by David Sedat, renowned archaeologist and the former Copán field director for the University of Pennsylvania’s archaeology museum.

In the morning, David escorts you from your hotel to the ruins for a private tour of this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its intricately carved stelae and incredible hieroglyphic stairway exemplify why Copán is considered one of the most lavish cultural centers of the Mayan world. Your itinerary includes stops at the sculpture museum and two ancient tunnels that provide insight into Copán’s early stages.

In the evening, join David at his home for cocktails, appetizers and a one-hour presentation on Copán’s fascinating royal tombs, which he helped excavate. He also covers some of the site’s amazing, lesser-known discoveries. During the dinner that follows, David will gladly answer your questions. Half the cost of the presentation goes directly to David’s and the University of Pennsylvania’s ongoing work at Copán.

This  experience offers a private and intimate look at one of the most fascinating Mayan archaeological sites in the region.

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