Welcome to your Nicaraguan Experience

The largest Central American country, Nicaragua (the “land of lakes and volcanoes”), is full of natural parks and reserves and more lakes than any other Central American nation.

Nicaragua is located between Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south and with long coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. From rip-roaring experiences to luxurious relaxation, Nicaragua has it all. The enchanting beauty of its colonial cities, unspoiled beaches (both on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts), busy town centers, and unique culture all come together to offer exhilarating adventures. Nicaragua is a rewarding destination, the country has invested in travel-friendly infrastructure while keeping its local charm intact. With its sightly mountain landscapes, soaring volcanoes, and vast swathes of tropical rainforests, Nicaragua remains widely undiscovered.

Hiking, biking, kayaking, and wild swimming in Nicaragua’s iconic crater lakes are among the many adventures awaiting. Those hankering for the city life should head to León or Granada, two of Central America’s eye-filling colonial cities. If you prefer, you can ride some of the world`s best waves down at San Juan del Sur. Thrill seekers can visit the 728 meters high Cerro Negro in the Cordillera Los Maribios mountain range, where ash boarding is now a sport. Nicaragua is characterized by the openness and welcoming spirit of its people, making you feel comfortable as you explore the lively history of each of its town, enjoy rugged adventures, and discover this idyllic country.

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