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Belize Hotel Association

Belize Hotel Association – Virtual Travel Show

Belize Hotel Association – Virtual Travel Show Viaventure was delighted to partner with the Belize Hotel Association to deliver a virtual travel show from June 1st to June 4th! Participants heard from over 30 of the BHA members across Belize!…

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ambergris caye

Best times to visit Belize

Best Times to Travel to Belize Belize is a relatively compact country without marked differences in climate in the different regions. For the most part, the weather is hot and humid year-round, but there can be large seasonal variations in…

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Fermin Tzib Guide Profile

Meet Fermin Tzib – Expert Guide in Belize

Meet Fermin Tzib – Expert Guide in Belize “For me it’s great to share my knowledge and my passion for Belize while meeting and making new friends, exceeding their expectations with an amazing and unforgettable trip of a lifetime.” His…

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Catamaran Sailing in Belize

Experience the Belize Reef and remote Islands aboard your own private sailboat. When we can all travel again you might be looking for the perfect trip with your partner, family or small group of close friends. A chance to reconnect…

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Ray Caye

Remote Island Getaways in Belize

Remote, Stunning, Isolated – Belize Island Lodges For travellers looking for remote locations to travel to with their loved ones and friends, these idyllic island experiences could be perfect. Here are Vivaventure Central America’s recommendations for “Top 5 Places to…

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Insider Guide to Belize

Viaventure’s Insider Guide to Belize If Belize were a restaurant, you would look at the long and varied menu and ask yourself, “How can one little place possibly offer so many choices?” And that’s the beauty of Belize! In this…

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