Camp Among Ancient Temples

It’s one thing to visit Guatemala’s stunning ruins, but wait until you spend the night at one — in particular, Uaxactún, one the longest-occupied Mayan cities. After your nighttime arrival at Uaxactún from Flores, you’ll drop your belongings in your tent at the campsite near the jungle-shrouded temples. But don’t even think about settling into your bed yet! First you’ll set out along jungle trails in search of nocturnal wildlife, such as owls, opossums, and spooky-looking insects.

Uaxactún’s many structures include an elaborate, thoroughly accurate astronomical cluster, where you’ll gaze up at a twinkling blanket of stars and luxuriate in the jungle mystique.


In the morning, you’ll embark on a guided tour of the Uaxactún ruins, stopping at partially restored temples that align perfectly with the sun on key dates of the calendar. In the village, you’ll learn about the natural gum, allspice, and xate (exported globally for floral arrangements) that locals collect. For lunch, you’ll savour a traditional dish prepared with locally sourced ingredients. You can rest or explore at your leisure in the afternoon. At dusk, you’ll climb a lookout tower for sunset drinks, followed by a delicious, locally made dinner before another overnight in the jungle camp.

The next day starts with breakfast and a last look around this fascinating place. A 45-minute ride through the deep jungle will take you to Tikal National Park, where some 3,000 ancient structures rise from the rainforest floor. You will enter Tikal through the forest, an area most visitors never get to see.

Not only will you enjoy a fascinating tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you’ll also experience the sights and sounds of tropical birds and animals, including howler and spider monkeys. Following in the footsteps of Maya royalty and commoners, you will visit the majestic Great Plaza and its Temple of the Jaguar (44 metres / 144 feet), Temple of the Masks (38m / 125ft), the Acropolis, and much more. You will enjoy a picnic lunch and will have time afterwards, if you wish, to continue exploring this intriguing site before departing for your next destination.

The Uaxactún camping getaway uniquely combines jungle, cultural, and archaeological encounters. If you are looking for a shorter package check out our

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