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viaventure guide moises valle

Meet our Guide, Moises Valle

Reflections from Viaventure Guide Moises Valle. Born in Antigua Guatemala, exactly 100 metres from the town’s idyllic Central Park, Moises Alejandro Valle García calls himself a true panza verde (green belly), the nickname for native Antigüeños given the abundance of…

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Fermin Tzib Guide Profile

Meet Fermin Tzib – Expert Guide in Belize

Meet Fermin Tzib – Expert Guide in Belize “For me it’s great to share my knowledge and my passion for Belize while meeting and making new friends, exceeding their expectations with an amazing and unforgettable trip of a lifetime.” His…

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Viaventure Women

Women’s History Month When Viaventure was founded in 2001, its goal was to set new standards for sustainable, socially responsible, and memorable travel experiences in Central America. Its core values stressed a friendly, respectful and equality driven workplace. The company…

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Introducing A New Way to Experience Central America

Authentic travel experiences, Viaventure proudly announces its “Beyond Expeditions” journeys that allow you to indulge in nature, history, and culture far from the beaten track.

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Eduardo Caravaca, Viaventure’s naturalist guide in Costa Rica

A proud Costa Rica native, Viaventure guide Eduardo Caravaca thrives on the reaction of his guests as he shows them his country’s unspoiled destinations and helps them achieve their travel goals.

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Viaventure Goes Beyond Hype to Help the Environment

With environmental responsibility a big part of their day-to-day practices, Viaventure employees devoted a recent Saturday to improving the greenery of a favorite…

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