Everyday Cuisine that Locals Love

This feast for the senses combines the robust flavours of Antigua’s street food with this colonial city’s colourful traditions, culture, and history.

Shoes and appetite ready, you will begin the walking tour along charming cobblestone streets lined with brightly painted Spanish colonial architecture, stopping to learn about the history of some of Antigua’s most picturesque sights. Then it’s on to some of the comedores (eateries) most loved by locals.

If you like you may sample delicious, authentic Guatemalan cuisine such as chuchitos (Guatemala-style tamales), pupusas (cheese-filled corn tortillas), rellenitos (plantain dough filled with beans and then fried), and even pigs’ feet (if you dare!).

You will learn about the cultural background of these everyday delicacies as your guide leads you through Antigua’s bustling community market to see, smell, touch, and taste the fresh ingredients used in their preparation. One of the best in Guatemala, the thriving market showcases rows of tasty and exotic fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans, grains, spices, meats, and fish. (Please note: This tour is for more adventurous eaters!)

This enjoyable outing provides a wonderful taste of authentic Antigua cuisine whilst you learn about the city’s fascinating colonial history.

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