Best Times to Travel to Nicaragua

Most of us have limited vacation time and want to make the best of any trip. Nicaragua appeals to travelers because of its dramatic terrain and tropical climate. Yet, it’s obscure enough not to attract too many visitors. With near-perfect weather, this Central American country is a fantastic year-round destination. Here’s what you should know about the best time to visit Nicaragua.

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Best time of year to travel to Nicaragua?

The best time to visit Nicaragua depends on your priorities. If you’re on a budget, pick the wet season from May to October when prices are at their lowest. An added advantage is that there are fewer visitors in the summer despite the school holidays in the northern hemisphere. However, avoid these months if you want to trek in remote areas.

If you don’t want the weather to play spoilt sport on your beach vacation, avoid the Atlantic coast in September and October, which is hurricane season. The Pacific coast tends to have clear mornings with afternoon thunderstorms. The central mountainous regions of Nicaragua are a good option for September and October since they’re cooler thanks to the altitude and have only sporadic rainfall.

So, what is the best time to travel to Nicaragua? If you want perfect weather and don’t mind the tourist crowds, pick the dry season from November to April but be prepared to pay more for accommodations, transportation, and excursions in Nicaragua.

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The average temperature in Nicaragua?

Throughout the year, the average daily high is 30-32 degrees Centigrade (88-90 degrees Fahrenheit) and the average nightly low is 20-22 degrees Centigrade (70-72 degrees Fahrenheit). Could you ask for more perfect weather to enjoy the stunning beaches of Nicaragua? Probably not. But, if you don’t want your beach holiday to get washed out by heavy rains, avoid the wettest months in Nicaragua.

Best festivals and events in Nicaragua?

Participating in celebrations with the locals is a great way to truly immerse yourself in any country. Here are some festivals in Nicaragua that you could try and coincide with your trip:

  • Equestrians of Managua: Witness a festival in the capital of Nicaragua with beautiful marching horses and city-wide revelry.
  • Rio San Juan Carnival: Enjoy the festive atmosphere of a carnival in San Carlos with an aquatic float parade and artisanal goods.
  • Latin American Surfing Competition: See the best surfers in action at Playa Maderas near San Juan del Sur in late November.
  • La Judea, La Griteria, and La Purisima: Participate in religious traditions across Nicaragua during these festivals at various times of the year.

When is the rainy season in Nicaragua?

The wet season in Nicaragua extends from June to October. There are rains all over the country. However, if you don’t mind packing an umbrella, this may be your best chance to visit Nicaragua on a budget, since accommodations and airfares are typically the cheapest.

The driest months in Nicaragua are between December and April. The weather is warm and there is little to no rain. The pleasant weather means you can make the most of your vacation. Not surprisingly, this is peak tourist season and you’ll need to book accommodations and excursions early.

If you’re willing to take your chances with the rain and want to get some good deals on Nicaragua travel packages, consider going in the shoulder months (May and November).

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