Best Times to Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the complete travel destination with breathtaking coastal panoramas, unique ecosystems, and awe-inspiring volcanoes, combined with a hearty cuisine and rich history and culture. It’s a no brainer that Costa Rica should be on your travel bucket list. But, to make the most of your trip to this enthralling Central American country, you may be wondering what is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

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Most popular time to visit Costa Rica?

The dry season, which runs from December through April, is the most popular with tourists visiting Costa Rica. The weather is great, but you can expect sizeable crowds who are all escaping the winter chill in North America. However, this is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica if you want to enjoy everything the country has to offer.

Remember, Costa Rica has a varied geography from rainforest-fringed beaches to medium-elevation mountain towns. The country is flanked by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so weather trends can change. 

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Cheapest time to go to Costa Rica?

You’ll find reduced rates on accommodations and activities and can enjoy Costa Rica with fewer crowds during the rainy season from May to November. The mornings are typically sunny with afternoon rain showers. Best of all, everything is lush green (hence the name “green season”).

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Best times to visit Costa Rica? 

Here is a month-by-month overview of the best times to go to Costa Rica:

  • January: Dry, great weather, peak tourist arrivals. See humpback whales and sea turtles on the Pacific coast
  • February and March: Dry, fabulous weather, fewer crowds than January. Great for wildlife watching.
  • April: Clear skies, little rain, historically the hottest month in Costa Rica.
  • May: Green season starts, rain brings a drop in temperatures. Take advantage of lower prices and fewer tourists.
  • June: Rainy season with lush green rainforest, fewer tourists.
  • July and August: Green season, usually clear mornings with afternoon rain, low hotel prices.
  • September and October: Peak green season on the Pacific coast. Fantastic for surfing and rafting. Hotel prices are at their lowest. No crowds. Best month for whale watching around Uvita and Osa Peninsula.
  • November: Bridge month when the rain slows down and the crowds begin to trickle in.
  • December: Dry season with fewer crowds at the start of the month. Weather can be unpredictable but you can enjoy pool time and beach days on the Pacific coast.

Only you can decide the best time to visit Costa Rica. If you’re a person for whom weather can play spoil sport, choose the dry season when rain is unlikely to ruin your vacation. On the other hand, if rain doesn’t bother you, go to Costa Rica in the green season when prices are low, the crowds are gone, and the rainforest is lush green.

What is the rainy season in Costa Rica? Is there a hurricane season in Costa Rica?

In general, winters are dry and summers are rainy in Costa Rica. The rainy season, also called the green season, lasts from May to November. Interestingly, these months are a great time to visit the Caribbean coast where there is no clearly defined dry season.

Fortunately, Costa Rica does not fall into the hurricane belt. In September and October, which is peak hurricane season in the Caribbean Islands, you can expect afternoon showers in Costa Rica, but hurricanes are rare. Hotels in the Osa Peninsula often close in October.

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