At Viaventure reducing waste and protecting the environment is a priority and forms part of our core values and staff training.

Viaventure's Recyclign Station

Plastic Water Bottles Vs Reusable Water Bottles

We encourage guests to bring their own reusable water bottles but if they don’t have one Viaventure provides every guest with a reusable water bottle when they arrive at the start of their trip. We also provide them with a means of filling up those bottles and using them right away without having to use small plastic water bottles.

Viaventure provides reusable water bottles in all the destinations where clients will arrive for the first time.  Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica & Nicaragua.

Viaventure does not provide water in small water bottles during the rest of client trips.

We ensure that all our transfers have a minimal waste solution for refilling guests’ water bottles throughout the trip and hotels and restaurants know that they have to assist guests in refilling bottles at all opportunities.

Reusable Water Bottles from Viaventure Central America

If our trade Tour Operator and Travel Agent partners wish, and there is sufficient demand, we can also put their logos and branding on the bottles for their clients.

In our office, we deter the use of small plastic bottles and we never use them on any of our staff events outside of the office.

If any small plastic bottles do come into the office or are purchased by guests during their stay they are kept in the recycling area and we use them to make Eco Bricks in conjunction with the organisation Reciclemos.

Viaventure’s Green Team

At Viaventure we also have a “Green Team” made up of members of staff who help to keep us all on our toes with respect to how we minimise waste, energy and water use in the office – and at home and in our communities.

Some major steps forward for our office have been:

  • All new staff receive “Green Training” when they start working with us and the Green Team organise two events a year to engage staff in projects such as reforestation.
  • Viaventure is a “styrofoam free” office – staff have to use reusable Tupperware for all meals
  • Staff bring in materials to recycle from their homes
  • All drinking water is using tap water that goes through Eco Filtros (made of natural materials) and we provide Eco Filtros for all our staff homes
  • We have “lunch and learn” sessions for the staff where local NGOs like come in and talk to the staff
  • Minimising water use for washing up by only allowing one cup per person
  • Focusing on turning lights off & reducing energy where ever possible

Viaventure Office is Styrofoam Free

Viaventure’s Office is “Styrofoam Free” and Staff use reusable Tupperware for meals and outside events.

Staff Engagement

Every year we arrange events to help promote sustainability and protecting the environment. Some of the events our staff have most enjoyed included making “Bombas de Semillas” (Seed Bombs) to help with reforestation efforts and taking part in an annual reforestation program for Pacaya Volcano national park as well as making “Eco Friendly” Christmas decorations for the office.

Viaventure Central America Protecting the Environment

The Viaventure team getting their hands dirty making “Bombas de Semillas” for reforestation projects.

Waste Minimisation in Guide & Driver Training

As well as focusing on waste management and reducing energy use in the office we are very focused on training all our staff and freelance guides and drivers on how to do the same when they are out in the field, travelling with clients. We make sure that sustainable travel, waste management and protecting the environment are topics always covered in our annual guide training programs across Central America.

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Going for BCorp Status

One of Viaventure’s business objectives this year is to become certified with the BCorporation program which we feel fits very well with how we operate as a business and our core values and objectives.

“Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good. “

If this article was of interest you might also be interested to read about the Viaventure Foundation and the work we are doing to raise money and work with local NGOs working in areas of reforestation, clean water supply and education.

For more information on what Viaventure is doing to protect the environment, maximise our positive effect and minimise any negative effects of travel please contact us on becky.harris@viaventure.com.

Recycling at Viaveture

It ain’t pretty but it’s very worthwhile – Viaventure’s Recycling bins

Recycling at Viaventure Central America Office

Reminders about Recycling & Energy use can be found all around the Viaventure Office


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