From recruitment and training to team-building and field visits, Viaventure invests heavily in its tour guides and drivers. The best get to attend a celebrated, annual workshop in a far-flung locale.

Always looking for new experiences to include in its itineraries, Viaventure holds brainstorming and training events throughout the year. For its annual guide-training workshop, Viaventure invites the best of its travel team to a celebrated four-day conference consisting of workshops, guest lecturers, field visits, and teamwork.

“We learn how to inspire our clients about the wonderful trip they are about to take, so their expectations are higher, and we have the tools to fulfill those expectations by giving our personal touch,” said guide Vinicio Peña.

Held in October at the Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica, the 2017 session brought together more than 30 of Viaventure’s top guides and drivers from Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Our team heard from Viaventure co-founders Beat Brunschwiler (Switzerland) and James Goller (USA) about how to exceed expectations while delivering once-in-a-lifetime moments for travelers.

“The overriding objective of each year’s training is to bring our best and brightest together under one roof for four days of intense learning, sharing, and bonding,” Goller said.

In addition to presentations on such topics as the company’s forward-thinking core values, emergency procedures, and other useful tips, attendees heard from a guest biologist who led field activities into the untamed Osa Peninsula, where the workshop took place.

Participants also shared their own secrets, unique to their area, that helped to deliver “wow” moments and unique travel experiences for guests.

“We learned how small things can make a big difference, like simply having lunch and roasting coffee with a local family,” said guide Samuel Valle. “That’s something clients will remember when talking about their journey in Central America.”

As the annual workshop concluded, an approaching tropical storm disrupted the departure schedule from Casa Corcovado, allowing the group to put emergency planning into practice.

“Would we risk the group’s safety just to keep our itinerary on schedule? Or would we delay the entire group, seriously disrupting flight schedules, personal and professional commitments?” Goller recalled.

“As a group, we had to weigh the facts and use common sense — essentially do what we are trained to do when in the presence of clients. Safety is paramount! And everyone decided to stay. And in the end, it was clearly the right decision,” he said.

This kind of knowledge and dedication to our guests’ comfort and safety is just one reason our travel partners trust Viaventure for Central American travel.



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