Remote Travel Reaches a New Comfort Zone

Adding a new dimension to authentic travel experiences, Viaventure proudly announces its “Beyond Expeditions” journeys that allow you to indulge in nature, history, and culture far from the beaten track without sacrificing comfort and style along the way.

Mix up your mode of travel — by foot, bicycle, 4×4, or air — as you encounter incredible wildlife, jungle-shrouded Maya temples, remote indigenous villages, and other isolated locations. Instead of cutting your visit short by backtracking to a hotel, just settle into our new safari-style mobile campsite, which features oversized tents, proper beds, private bath, and personal chef to serve you in the great outdoors.

Challenging and rewarding, Viaventure’s Beyond Expeditions itineraries provide transformative, thought-provoking journeys that bring you face to face with the people, places, and natural surroundings of Guatemala and Belize.

From Highlands Villages to Maya Ruins

For example, embark on a rugged journey through the remote Maya heartland to immerse in some of Guatemala’s most stunning scenery. Meet indigenous families carrying out their daily routines as you follow ancient Kaqchikel trading routes in the Highlands. From your sky-high forested campsite, get your first sight of majestic Lake Atitlán in the valley below, celebrating your achievement with sunset drinks.

Or step back into time to explore ancient temples, still hidden under rainforest growth, in Guatemala’s untamed Maya Biosphere Reserve, enjoying birding and wildlife spotting throughout your trek. Whether visiting the famed ruins of Tikal or following ancient Maya causeways to the metropolis of El Mirador, you’ll find incredible new perspectives and adventures.

In Belize, venture into the Chiquibul forest with a stop at the Las Cuevas Research Station, which undertakes important conservation and research projects that your visit supports. Savour the forest-fresh air as you trek along jungle trails, listening to birdsong and animal sounds whilst you make your way to the observation tower for a unique sunset experience. At the amazing ruins of Caracol, one of the most important sites in the Maya World, follow in the footsteps of ancient royalty as you climb the imposing Caana temple.

Settle Into a Safari-Style, Boutique Hotel

Although your treks can be rugged and adventurous, Viaventure’s new boutique camping arrangement pampers you with the furnishings, amenities, and services of a full-service hotel, including a host who greets you with a cold drink and refreshing towel after a long day of exploring.

Carefully chosen to put you in the right place at the right time, the campsites feature an ideal vista, whether a sky-high mountain overlook, a hidden lakeside clearing, or a plaza between Maya temples. Witness awesome sunrises and sunsets while forest wildlife serenades you, far from visitor hubs and surrounded by nature. Relax by the campfire and marvel at the views whilst your chef prepares delicious, locally inspired meals.

When it’s time to call it a night, sleep in a spacious, comfortable tent (4×5 metres / 13×16.5 feet), complete with full-size beds (one king or two twins), cozy pillows, chairs, nightstands, en-suite bathroom, and a wood-burning stove to keep you warm.

Beyond Expeditions leave the pace and mode of travel up to you. You’ll enjoy the freedom to hop out of the 4×4 and wander through special stretches — remote bridges, jungle-shrouded passages, riverside trails — by foot or bicycle.

Tell us your interests, your activity level, and your preferred travel style, and we’ll design an itinerary that will meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations!

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