Cassa Zenda – New Luxury Villa in Rio Dulce

Cassa Zenda with Viaventure

Rio Dulce means “Sweet River” and is a beautiful tropical river that flows from Lake Izabal, in the east of Guatemala, to the Garifuna town of Livingston and the Caribbean coastline. Many of our trips visit Rio Dulce on the way to Tikal but up until now, there has not been a luxury accommodation to offer clients.

Cassa Zenda is a new luxury villa property which is privately owned but being marketed by the Coppola Hideaway Properties. The villa has 4 spacious suites and several lounges and outdoor spaces. It is set within a lush rainforest setting on the banks of Izabal lake and has many water sport “toys” including the use of a motorboat and jetski.

“Cassa Zenda is a breathtaking 4 suite private lakefront villa, featuring stunning en-suite bathrooms, perfect to accommodate up to 16 guests comfortably plus 4 extra service crew guests.”



Cassa Zenda was designed and renowned by Moreno Developing Group and interior designer Kika Garcés.

Clients can access Cassa Zenda in several ways:

  • Charter flight from Guatemala City or Flores (Tikal)
  • Helicopter directly from Antigua or other parts of Guatemala
  • Land transfer from Antigua, Guatemala City
  • Luxury boat transfer from Turtle Inn in Belize as part of a package with both properties.

We are happy to announce that we have been allowed to be one of the few operators able to sell Cassa Zenda so please contact us if you have clients looking for a luxurious retreat with excellent service in a remote location. We can, of course, package Cassa Zenda with Turtle Inn in Belize or any other properties in Guatemala for a fully tailor-made trip to Central America.

The villa has a small pool, wifi throughout, sound system, yoga mats and exercise equipment, Minimum stay is 3 nights for standard seasons and 7 nights during peak periods.

Please see the photo gallery below and contact us for more information on info@viaventure.com 

Cassa Zenda with Viaventure

Cassa Zenda with Viaventure

Casa Zenda with Viaventure

Cassa Zenda with Viaventure

Cassa Zenda with Viaventure

Cassa Zenda with Viaventure

cassa zenda with viaventure

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