Guatemala Eats: A Delicious 6-day Itinerary


Some people travel for palm trees and beaches, others for architecture, museums, or great skiing. And still others travel for food and the chance to learn about new cultures one delicious bite at a time. Food can be an excellent lens through which to view a country—especially one like Guatemala, where it’s such a rich part of everyday life. To that end, we’ve created a six-day itinerary based in the colonial city of Antigua that’ll give you a taste of Guatemala’s most traditional fare and provide insight into its equally delectable culture. From street eats and gourmet food to coffee and chocolate, it’s one foodie adventure you won’t want to miss.

Day 1:


You’ll arrive at the Guatemala City airport and transfer to Posada del Angel, a colonial boutique hotel located in the heart of Antigua.


Day 2:


This morning, you’ll have time to explore Antigua on your own. In the afternoon, your local guide will take you on a tour of the city’s street food hot spots. You’ll sample traditional Guatemalan fare and also visit Antigua’s bustling market.


Day 3:


You’ll visit San Juan Comalapa, a highland town well-known for its traditional folk art and authentic market. You’ll see the town’s famous mural, visit the galleries of area artists, and check out the bustling market where traditionally dressed locals buy and sell items like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


Day 4:


Cacao has been used by the Maya for ages, and this morning, you’ll participate in a workshop that will teach you about its history, how it’s grown, and what has led to its mass production today. You’ll get an overview of the chocolate-making process and have a chance to turn fresh cacao beans into everything from cacao tea and Maya hot chocolate to delicious chocolate bars.


This evening, you’ll head to Jocotenango, a town just outside of Antigua, to make and eat dinner at the house of chef Hector Castro, whose eponymous French restaurant is one of Antigua’s best. As you help prepare traditional Guatemalan dishes with a gourmet flair, you’ll learn about the country’s food culture and discover some of the secrets to its cuisine.

Day 5:

Today, you’ll travel to San Miguel Escobar, a town just outside of Antigua, to learn about the work of As Green as it Gets (AGAIG), a non-profit organization that helps support independent coffee producers and that also promotes environmentally responsible agriculture. You’ll tour the local coffee fields, get a first-hand look at how beans are grown and processed, and eat lunch in the house of a local.

Day 6:

You’ll travel to the Guatemala City airport in time for your flight.


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