The Viaventurer

The Viaventure Central America Newsletter – “The Viaventurer” – offers readers a variety of tantalizing travel tips, inspirational ideas, local secrets, personal touches & invaluable information from all our destinations. It’s the ultimate inside scoop on Central America.

Viaventure Guides: a valuable resource for our clients

You’re traveling in a brand new country. How would you prefer to see the sights? While juggling smartphone apps, guidebooks,

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Hotels that fits your passion for fishing, coffee or rainforest

Fishing, coffee, the great outdoors. We all have a soft spot for something. These three properties recognize and cater to just that…

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A Dressed-Up Archaeology Tour in Guatemala

Not long ago, Viaventure was asked to create an itinerary for a husband and wife who were both passionate about archaeology…

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A Q&A with James Goller, Viaventure Director (and Dad)

Viaventure co-director James Goller, whose four-year-old daughter has a very well-stamped passport. Here’s what he had to share:

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11 Activities to Keep Everyone Happy in Guatemala, Belize & Honduras

We’ve compiled a dozen different activities in Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras to help you create a travel itinerary…

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A 9-Day Family Trek Through Guatemala

What do you get when you mix hiking, biking, and kayaking with culture, archaeology, and wildlife? A family-friendly itinerary…

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