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The Viaventure Central America Newsletter – “The Viaventurer” – offers readers a variety of tantalizing travel tips, inspirational ideas, local secrets, personal touches & invaluable information from all our destinations. It’s the ultimate inside scoop on Central America.

Guatemala Eats: A Delicious 6-day Itinerary

Food can be an excellent lens through which to view a country—especially one like Guatemala, where it’s such a rich…

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Hotels in Central America for Your Perfect Family Trip

Choosing where to stay when you’re traveling with family can be just as important as choosing what to do. Depending on…

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Meet ARCAS: Guatemala’s Animal Rescue Center

If you’re wild about wildlife, then a visit to the Guatemalan non-profit ARCAS is a must. For more than twenty years…

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A ten-day Itinerary Through the Jungles of Belize

Grab your boots, binoculars, and bug repellent! 10 days through the jungles of Belize will take you from Caves…

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Beyond Antigua Guatemala: Four Quick But Awesome Trips!

Travelers come to Antigua, fall in love with the cobblestone streets, gorgeous old ruins, and cosmopolitan restaurants…

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Our Semana Santa Pick: Hotel Palacio de Doña Leonor

Owned by Leonor Alvarado de Xicotencatl in the 16th century, this mansion-turned-boutique hotel is located closed from…

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