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The Viaventure Central America Newsletter – “The Viaventurer” – offers readers a variety of tantalizing travel tips, inspirational ideas, local secrets, personal touches & invaluable information from all our destinations. It’s the ultimate inside scoop on Central America.

3 Unique fall festivals in Guatemala

If you’re traveling to Guatemala this fall, you’re in luck. Three of the country’s most unique fall festivals take place in…

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Notes on Guatemala: Where to Go, Eat, Shop & Stay

Guatemala is a fascinating country with many different faces, the majority of which are only revealed if you’re open to new adventures….

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Corn Tortillas: A Guatemalan Staple

Corn is a fundamental part of Guatemala’s culture that dates back to the ancient Mayas. According to the Maya creation myth…

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An 8-day Itinerary for November’s Kite Festival

Let’s go fly a kite. . .and get a good look at Guatemalan culture while we’re at it. On this eight-day tour…

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Charter a Private Boat in Belize

Why should you consider vacationing by boat along the coast of Belize? To start, there’s simply no better way to access the country’s…

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Viaventure Guides: a valuable resource for our clients

You’re traveling in a brand new country. How would you prefer to see the sights? While juggling smartphone apps, guidebooks,

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