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Pico Bonito: The Park Less Explored

Pico Bonito National Park isn’t just remote—it’s largely unexplored. Located in northern Honduras, near the Caribbean city of La Ceiba, it’s one of country’s largest national parks. Spanning approximately 100,000 hectares (247,105 acres) and named for its 2,435-meter-high (7,988-foot) mountain…

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3 Must-Visit Ecolodges

It’s one thing to spot wildlife when you’re on a jungle hike. It’s quite another to discover it right outside your front door. The following three ecolodges, located in the remotest reaches of Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras respectively, provide the…

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Six Tips to Spending Easter in Antigua

There are few places in the world that celebrate Easter quite like Guatemala’s colonial city of Antigua. Over the course of the holiday, this cobblestoned town of pastel-hued houses and crumbling ruins becomes a backdrop for incense-infused religious processions, elaborate…

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It’s Easter. Eat Up.

Food plays a big part in Antigua’s Semana Santa celebrations, particularly food made and sold by locals for religious processions and holy vigils. You’ll see señoras doling out sweet and savory items from blanket-lined wicker baskets, grills set up in…

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