What to do Next: Go Wild in Guatemala, Honduras & Belize

February 2013

Meet ARCAS: Guatemala’s Animal Rescue Center

If you’re wild about wildlife, then a visit to the Guatemalan non-profit ARCAS is a must. For more than twenty years, the organization has rescued animals captured by people and then rehabilitated and returned them to the wild. Today, it’s…

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5 Top Spots for Coastal Wildlife in Belize

Looking for Nemo? Then head to the Belize. Home to countless lagoons, mangrove swamps, and deltas, as well as the second largest barrier reef system in the world, the country’s Caribbean coast is like a Pixar movie come to life.…

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Pico Bonito: The Park Less Explored

Pico Bonito National Park isn’t just remote—it’s largely unexplored. Located in northern Honduras, near the Caribbean city of La Ceiba, it’s one of country’s largest national parks. Spanning approximately 100,000 hectares (247,105 acres) and named for its 2,435-meter-high (7,988-foot) mountain…

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A ten-day Itinerary Through the Jungles of Belize

Looking for adventure? We’ve got the answer! Grab your boots, binoculars, and bug repellent, make sure your camera battery’s charged, and get ready to explore some of Belize’s wildest, most remote terrain. This ten-day itinerary will take you from the…

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3 Must-Visit Ecolodges

It’s one thing to spot wildlife when you’re on a jungle hike. It’s quite another to discover it right outside your front door. The following three ecolodges, located in the remotest reaches of Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras respectively, provide the…

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