What to do Next: Go Local, Community Tourism in Guatemala

June 2013

3 Unique fall festivals in Guatemala

If you’re traveling to Guatemala this fall, you’re in luck. Three of the country’s most unique fall festivals take place in November and December and guarantee a genuine look at local life. Join the crowds outside of Antigua as giant…

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Corn Tortillas: A Guatemalan Staple

Many things in Guatemala are unpredictable: the weather, the local bus schedule, how early the neighborhood rooster will start crowing. Corn tortillas, on the hand, are not. No matter where you eat, from a restaurant to a market to a…

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An 8-day Itinerary for November’s Kite Festival

Let’s go fly a kite. . .and get a good look at Guatemalan culture while we’re at it. On this eight-day tour, you’ll experience the country’s Festival of the Giant Kites (an All Saints’ Day celebration on November 1st), tour…

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