I don’t know about you but I am already thinking and planning about how I am going to celebrate and travel when Coronovirus is over. I am thinking of booking a flight either on a plane or on a private jet like the ones from Jettly and start travelling around the globe again.

Here is the first in our series of best ways to celebrate the end of coronovirus.

The best cocktails… drink your way around Central America


Rum in Guatemala



APRIL 22ND – 26TH, 2020 & MAY 13TH – 17TH, 2020

COPAL TREE LODGE, a Muy’Ono Resort, is the unrivaled agritourism destination in the heart of southern Belize. Recently named the Caribbean’s Agritourism Destination of the Year, Copal Tree Lodge is a jungle lodge, organic farm, organic distillery, and 12,000-acre nature reserve. We invite you to experience Rum Camp 2020. That’s right, a camp…with rum! From April 22-26, 2020 and May 13-17, 2020, Copal Tree Lodge will host rum lover’s from around the world in a truly one-of-a-kind immersive experience with Copalli Rum.

The 4-night itinerary is designed for both spirit enthusiasts and novices alike, celebrating rum-making – from harvesting sugar cane to batching, bottling, and the best part, tasting! The fully organic distillery makes Copalli Rum with just three ingredients – sugar cane, canopy water, and yeast. Your immersive experience starts at the zero-impact, sustainable Copal Tree Distillery, followed by a tour of the organic farm, finishing with a tour of the Jungle Bar tasting room where you’ll create your own Signature Copalli Cocktail. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to discover this unique spirit in an eco-luxury landscape.

When you’re not sipping cocktails or harvesting sugar cane, you’ll relax at the beautiful lodge. Enjoy the farm-to-table dining, jungle pool, spa, fitness center, or go on a nearby adventure – kayaking along the Rio Grande River or hiking through the nature reserve. Ask us about adding additional nights to Rum Camp to get the most out of your Belizean vacation.



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