Situated on Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye, Portofino Beach Resort is known for its fantastic location, stellar services, and easy-access to the Belizean reef. But what makes this resort truly special is its attitude towards protecting the natural environment.

One of Portofino’s key objectives is to conserve water, and the resort does this in a variety of ways. It collects, treats, and uses rain water, so it doesn’t just go to waste, and also takes advantage of grey water (water leftover from washing machines and showers) by using it to flush toilets. These two procedures alone save a vast amount of water. The resort goes out of its way to preserve and protect the environment in other ways, too. Its restaurant, for example, composts its kitchen waste to use in its pesticide-free garden.

The Belizean reef is an invaluable resource and protecting it by using sustainable practices, such as those used by Portofino Beach Resort, will ensure it remains a vibrant, must-visit destination.

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