After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our 2014 brochure-cum-travel magazine, The Viaventurer. Our goal with this tool is to give you a taste of our company and Central America and leave you wanting more—much more. Flip through stories on bespoke experiences for every budget, top spots for wildlife in Belize, and where to find the best multisport adventures, and you’ll quickly see the incredible range of experiences and offerings that Viaventure and this part of the world can serve up. So grab a cup of coffee (make it a Guatemalan brew) and settle in for a good read, one that we hope inspires you (or your clients) to hop on a plane to try piping-hot corn tortillas, track down red-footed boobies in Belize, or explore a rural Honduran farm. Thanks for joining us on this journey of exploration–enjoy!

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