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Looking for Travel Inspiration?

Viaventure’s here to help. Our 2013 example travel itineraries for Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras are ready to be put to good use. Whether you’re look for luxe relaxation or an Indiana-Jones-style hunt for Maya ruins, we’ve got just the trip.…

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Ni’tun Lodge Deemed an Official Private Reserve

Lorena Castillo, owner of Ni’tun Lodge in Guatemala’s northern department of El Petén, recently wrote to us with some great news. After more than seven years of hard, often tedious work, Ni’tun has been deemed an official “private reserve” by…

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Travel Shows 2012

This year Viaventure Director Becky Harris, Sales Manager Andria Garnaat, and Marketing Manager Nicole Helme attended Travel Mart Latin America in the sophisticated yet idyllic coastal city of Cartagena, Colombia. As always the show was a lot of fun and…

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Belizean Reef Conservation

Belize’s oceanic space is an outstanding organic system that contains the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. This abundant reef is home to offshore atolls, sand cays, and coastal lagoons and also provides habitat for sea turtles, groupers, spiny…

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Whale Sharks in Belize

There’s nothing like diving and snorkeling alongside whale sharks, the world’s largest fish. Despite their size–they can reach lengths of 40 feet or more and weigh up to 20 tons–they’re gentle, curious creatures. Whale sharks are slow swimmers that stay…

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Viaventure Attends ATTA Adventure Summit

Viaventure has just returned from the 2012 ATTA Adventure Summit in Lucerne. As a global networking, business strategy, professional development, promotional and educational force, the ATTA exists to: Promote and grow the adventure travel market Provide exclusive professional support, development,…

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