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As Vibrant as Ever, Nicaragua Welcomes Travellers

Out from the shadows of political unrest, Nicaragua shines once again as a vibrant destination that beckons travellers looking for natural wonders, challenging adventures, and well-preserved cultural gems.

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Kid-friendly travel is easy to find in Central America

From gliding into a watery cave to watching turtle hatchlings waddle into the sea, Central America abounds with unique travel experiences that children will remember for years to come.

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lobster festival belize

Get ready for lobster love at Belize lobster festivals

While June delivers the first day of summer to the Northern Hemisphere, Belize eagerly counts down to another long-awaited…

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Breeze Through The Best Islands Of Central America

Sharing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the sun-splashed islands of Central America bring dreams to life.

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Lionfish, Savour a Delicious Menace

When traveling in Central America, sink your teeth into the Caribbean’s newest delicacy to help protect marine life from a…

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8 Things You Can’t Miss on Your Trip to Belize

Enjoy the best of both worlds in Belize with world-class diving offshore and mainland treasures such as untamed jungles and mystical Mayan ruins.

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