Discover Viaventure Central America’s destinations & create your very own bespoke adventure

Viaventure Central America is well known for being the region’s premier tour operator, offering individually customized tours (tailor-made adventures) for Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Viaventure specialize in out-of-the-ordinary bespoke experiences, exceptional customer service and unexpected touches, we’ve been operating highly successful tours and experiential travel programs in Central America since 2001.

Few places around the globe offer the world of choices that travelers can experience in Central America, from the cobblestone streets of colonial Antigua (Guatemala), Copan (Honduras) and Granada (Nicaragua), the stunning beauty of volcano-ridden Lake Atitlan (Guatemala) and Ometepe (Nicaragua) the solemn Maya ruins of Tikal (Guatemala), Copan (Honduras) and Caracol (Belize), getting “up close and personal” with the diverse wildlife of Costa Rica and Belize, to spectacular diving along the world’s second longest barrier reef in Belize. Whether you want to relax in five-star luxury or climb a smoke-spewing volcano, Viaventure and Central America has it all.



Pura vida—pure life! It’s not only Costa Rica’s unofficial motto, it’s a way of life in this country so rich with biodiversity and spectacular natural beauty. Costa Rica treasures and preserves its cloud forests, rainforest, beaches, and wildlife. The moment you arrive, you begin to feel the untamed energy pulsing through its steaming volcanos, darting birds, and pounding surf. It’s a land of exotic tropical forests, crystalline aquamarine oceans, dense mangroves, and extensive mountain ranges. Costa Rica serves up a feast for your camera, and wildlife thrives here, as the cloud forests echo with the calls of howler monkeys, red-eyed tree frogs, and hundreds of birds from scarlet macaws to the elusive resplendent quetzales and tiny hummingbirds. It offers almost endless options for active eco-adventure, like whitewater rafting, zip-lining, canyoneering, trekking, kayaking horseback riding, kitesurfing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sportsfishing, and more. With so many choices, it’s tempting to load up your itinerary overflowing—but leave a little time to simply relax, unwind, and escape into Costa Rica’s pure life.


How so much cultural and geographic diversity can fit into one small country boggles the mind, and yet Guatemala does it seamlessly. It’s home to everything from ancient Maya temples and Spanish colonial cities to cloud-shrouded highland villages and vibrant Caribbean towns. There are spewing volcanoes, lazy rivers, remote cloud forests, and vast swaths of untamed jungle. But what truly make this country unique are its indigenous peoples—21 Maya groups and the Garífuna people—whose distinctive cultures, languages, and centuries-old traditions continue to thrive today.


This exotic and stunningly beautiful English-speaking country deserves its reputation as a diving and snorkeling paradise. Its crystalline Caribbean waters are home to the Western Hemisphere’s largest barrier reef system, inhabited by an enormous kaleidoscope of fish, sponges, crustaceans, and corals. But a visit to the mainland reveals another Belize, crisscrossed with Maya archaeological sites and ceremonial caves, dense with jungles and wetlands, and rich with the unique traditions of the Maya, Garífuna, Latino, and other cultures found here. In Belize, endless adventures await—hiking, caving, zip lining, tubing, birding, rappelling, sport fishing, wind surfing, and more. But whether you choose its cays and atolls, mainland beaches, or rainforest lodge escapes, it’s also the perfect place to unwind in a hammock, sipping a cool drink to the serenade of birds in the jungle canopy or the sound of gently breaking ocean waves.


It offers world-class scuba diving, famous Mayan ruins, and some of the most remote, wild terrain in Central America, but Honduras’ real charm may lie in how blissfully removed it is from the well-trod tourist trail. For a real escape from it all, few countries in Central America can compete. Vibrant coral, massive sponges, and hundreds of fish species make the Honduras’ Caribbean Bay Islands–Roatán, Utila, Guanaja—a magnet for scuba divers, snorkelers, anglers, and sailors, as well as landlubbers seeking sun, sand, and surf. If you’re looking for terrestrial adventures, head to mainland reserves like Pico Bonito National Park to experience untamed jungle trails, raging rivers, and abundant wildlife. And, to immerse yourself in both the history and artistry of the ancient Maya, you can’t miss the intricate carvings and massive structures archaeological of Copán Ruinas. Visit these destinations and more— before everyone else discovers Honduras.

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